Program Highlights2024-05-09T22:37:05-05:00

Program Highlights

Why different is better

A uniquely bespoke design to protecting habitational risks.

By carefully blending knowledge, data, and entrepreneurship, Jupiter Risk Services approaches the process of insuring habitational risks through the lens of the consumer and has designed a program to ensure its clients and business partners are well protected and resilient.

  • Jupiter Risk Services continues to expand its geographic footprint and portfolio of primarily garden-style apartments across targeted States. Jupiter Risk Services is a member company of Risk Theory and is considered the habitational market of choice by leading agents and their clients.

  • By utilizing proprietary technology and sophisticated data analytics, Jupiter Risk Services addresses the asymmetrical imbalance that has historically challenged insurers and underwriters of habitational risks.
  • We’re proud of our underwriting results and class leading loss analysis, but obviously risks cannot be totally eliminated. And, should a loss occur, our concierge claims services expedites the time to repair or replace the damage and vastly reduces lost time.
  • One stop concierge claims handling process. Jupiter Risk Services will coordinate the adjustment process and engagement with all contractors.

  • By reducing the stress and time to completion, our clients remain focused on their tenants and their business.

  • Our concierge claims services is a value added feature, included at no additional cost.

The Habitational Insurance of Choice

Jupiter risk Solutions has been carefully designed and structured to meet the needs of agents, clients, and their lenders.

  • Non-admitted basis, excess & surplus program, A- VIII
  • 100% program, available coverage up to $30m TIV per location in most states
  • Able to provide up to 18-month policies (not a shared limits program)
  • Full concierge claims services, from adjustment to replacement.

Product & Capabilities

Best in class coverage and easy point of access.

Submission Requirements2024-01-17T14:47:18-06:00
  • Complete SoV, utilizing this user friendly template: Download here

  • Completed ACORD Application 125

  • 5-Year Loss History

  • Target Premium & Deductibles

  • Submit by email to
Coverage & Availability2023-09-14T16:45:12-05:00
  • Coverage is available in all states, except California, Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Florida. Weather related coverage is not available in Coastal Tier 1 and Costal Tier 2

  • Jupiter Risk Services utilizes an ISO form, excluding Flood and Earthquake

Program Coverages Available2023-09-14T16:45:09-05:00
  • Property (Building and Business Personal)

  • Business Income/Rental Value

  • Ordinance or Law: Sections A, B & C

  • Replacement Cost Coverage is Available for Most Properties

  • Managed Repair for Covered Losses

Eligible Risks2023-09-14T16:45:04-05:00
  • Garden Style Apartments and Condominiums (1-5 stories) & Duplex Type Construction.

  • No Limitations on Loss Experience

  • 60% or Greater Occupancy rate

  • 50% or Less Section 8

  • Must have Superintendent, Property Manager or be managed by Professional Real Estate Company

  • $50k minimum annual premium
Ineligible Risks2023-09-14T16:44:59-05:00
  • Nursing Homes

  • Manufactured Housing

  • Rehab Facilities

  • Commercial and/or Mixed Use

  • Safe Houses, Group Homes & Halfway Houses

  • Apartments with Wood Shake Roofs

  • Municipalities

  • Assisted Living Facilities

For more information about Jupiter Risk Services, please email us at:

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